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What's Left of Trudeau? Everything, by Steven Albert and Henry Srebrnik
(published by New Democratic Youth, Ottawa), August/September 1968 

Israel and the Palestinians, by Sheldon Kirshner and Henry Srebrnik
Montreal Star, February 5, 1969 

Rosemary's Baby: Old Wine, New Bottles
Hevra, March 15, 1972 

Second-Class Status May Be in the Future for English Quebec
Canadian Jewish News, March 11, 1977 

Star Wars – Racism as Science Fiction? 
Canadian Dimension (Vol. 13, No. 2), 1978 

Why Most of the World Is Against Israel
Canadian Jewish News, April 14, 1978 

Attempts to Tar Israel by Comparing It to S Africa Seen as Historically False
Canadian Jewish News, May 26, 1978 

A Changing World Political Scene Causes a Drop in Jewish Communism
Canadian Jewish News, July 14, 1978 

Anti-Semitism Derives Ideas from an Elaborate Construct
Canadian Jewish News, August 4, 1978  

Historically, Anti-Jewishness Has Had Many Names
The [FPI] Eye, December, 1978 

Torah vs. Trudeau: The Battle for Montreal Jewry 
The [FPI] Eye, January, 1982 

Signs of the Times, by Shloime Perel and Henry Srebrnik
The Jerusalem Post, January 22, 1982
Republished, with explanatory introduction, in The [FPI] Eye, January, 1982

Using the Holocaust Against the Jews
[Boston] Jewish Advocate, January 19, 1984

Balkans' Troubled Political Structures 
[Frederick, MD] News-Post, May 8, 1985
Iran's "Nationalist" Fervor
[Frederick, MD] News-Post, June 18, 1985

Poland's Religious/Political Tug-of-War 
[Frederick, MD] News-Post, July 17, 1985

The Opposition "Inside" to Mubarak
[Frederick, MD] News-Post, October 10, 1985

Only the Dodgers Knew Brooklyn
Washington Jewish Week, April 3, 1986
Denials of the Holocaust: A Monstrous Lie Continues
Washington Jewish Week, May 8, 1986

Jewish Progressives in Vermont Gubernatorial Race
Washington Jewish Week, October 26, 1986

Arms for Hostages
Washington Jewish Week, November 20, 1986

Washington Jewish Week, December 25, 1986 

Jessie Jackson Traveling to Persian Gulf 
Washington Jewish Week, November 26, 1987

Jews Should Not Rule Out Jackson for President
[Cherry Hill, NJ] Courier-Post, May 27, 1988

[Harrisburg, PA] Patriot, January 19, 1990

What Kind of Canada Is Expatriate Returning To?
[Penticton, BC] Herald, May 12, 1990

Is Multicultural English Canada in Peril of Disintegrating?
[Regina, SK] Leader-Post, August 20, 1990

Gulf War Reveals Cultural Battle Between Left, Right
Canadian Jewish News, February 14, 1991

"Two Nations" Scheme May Not Be Best for Jews
Canadian Jewish News, May 9, 1991

The Reform Party: A Rising Tide in Canada?
Viewpoints, September 3, 1992

Monarchy Might Work in Canada
Herald, January 2, 1993

Homophobia: The Ideological Hysteria of the 90s?
[Calgary] Jewish Free Press, March 15, 1993

War in Chechnya Has Deep Roots
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, January 14, 1995

Could we survive Quebec's exit? Yes!
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, January 20, 1996

Diasporas Challenge Fragile Nation-States
Calgary Herald, September 26, 1996

Nationalism and the Disintegration of Communist States
From the Right, Spring 1997

On the Occasion of V-E Day 
Jewish Currents, May, 1997
Flashes in the Western Pan?
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, October 22, 1998

Perspective on Kosovo
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, March 30, 1999

Kosovo War Was Fought to Reassure Muslim World
Calgary Herald, August 20, 1999

Israel Could be Facing a Cold New World
Calgary Herald, November 12, 1999

Canadian Jewish News, July 6, 2000

Somali State Proves It Has Earned Recognition
Calgary Herald, January 25, 2001
Fundamentalist Islamism: A Form of "Religio-Racism"
[Calgary] Jewish Free Press, August 30, 2001

Have We Become a Value-Free Country?
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, November 1, 2001

Is There Really Such a Country as Afghanistan?
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, December 7, 2001

In the War Against Terrorism, Is Somalia Next?
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, January 2, 2002

The United Nations, Human Rights and Antisemitism
[Calgary] Jewish Free Press, May 2, 2002

The Bible and Palestine-Israel Dispute: Unclear Title
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, October 8, 2002

Let's Have a Serious Look at the Monarchy
[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian, November 2, 2002

January 2, 2002: In the War Against Terrorism, Is Somalia Next?

[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian:

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March 30, 1999: Perspective on Kosovo

[Charlottetown, PEI] Guardian:

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January 3, 1989: The Pogroms Come Later

[Baltimore] Sun:

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June 18, 1985: Iran's "Nationalist" Fervor

[Frederick, MD] News-Post:

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January 1982: Signs of the Times

by Shloime Perel and Henry Srebrnik
"Signs of the Times" was first published, on January 22, 1982, in the Jerusalem Post:

After the article proved controversial, it was republished in The Eye (publication of Friends of Pioneering Israel) of January 1982, with an explanatory introduction:

January, 1982: Torah vs. Trudeau: The Battle for Montreal Jewry

The Eye (publication of Friends of Pioneering Israel):

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